Arrest Data

The number of arrests made by the police is often viewed as a key measure of law enforcement's productivity and effectiveness in addressing crime. However, law enforcement practices and reporting of arrests can differ significantly from country to country. In addition to identifying law enforcement's involvement in a particular incident, PSI has been collecting information concerning arrests as one indicator of a governments' commitment to addressing pharmaceutical. A small number of arrests may indicate that the government has not assigned a high priority to enforcement.

Through member and open source reports, PSI found:

  • 2,253 persons were arrested for counterfeiting, illegally diverting or stealing pharmaceuticals

  • The number of arrests rose sixty-three percent (+63%) from the global arrests in CY 2017

  • On a percentage basis, the largest number of arrests were in the Asia Pacific region.

Considering the type of activity the arrested person was engaged in, we found:

  • Arrests increased across all categories except theft. More criminals were engaged in the manufacture, distribution, transportation, and sale of illegal medicines were arrested in CY 2018

  • Manufacturing arrests rose from 263 to 456

  • Distribution arrests rose from 513 to 582

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