Incident Trends

PSI has collected data on counterfeiting, illegal diversion and theft incidents for eighteen consecutive years. The yearly totals for the last five years are shown on the adjacent bar chart.

The chart shows:

  • 5,081 pharmaceutical crime incidents in CY 2019

  • Incidents increased by fifteen percent (+15%) from CY 2018

  • Incidents were at an all-time high

  • Over the past five years, incidents increased by sixty-nine percent (+69%)

To gauge the magnitude of these counterfeiting incidents, PSI continued to track the quantity of drugs seized. Incidents involving the seizure of more than 1,000 dosage units were classified as a commercial incident; incidents involving less than 1,000 dosage units were classified as non-commercial.

The Institute found:

  • 844 counterfeiting incidents involved either customs seizures or police/health inspector raids

  • Seizures decreased by twelve percent (-12%) over the prior year

  • Commercial seizures represented forty-two percent (42%) of the total

  • Forty-two percent (42%) of the seizures were non-commercial






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